Farreez Rosman

Farreez’s affinity for sports propelled him to enter the fitness industry. His passion and determination pushed him to upgrade his skills and emerge as one of the most sought-after trainers. Having been in the industry for eight years to date, Farreez always ensures that his clients have his undivided attention, patiently guiding them towards their fitness goals. His sessions will undoubtedly leave you feeling exhausted yet accomplished. He subscribes to the belief of training and educating his clients which currently consist of busy high-level senior executives, business owners and CEO’s, providing them with the framework on top of their motivation, to change their lives positively.


Shiqeen’s fitness journey began when she picked up yoga during her time as a Singapore Airlines flight attendant to counter the persistent jet-lag as a result of the travelling and physically demanding job. Stemming from this, she developed an ever growing passion towards fitness and health, which led her to leave behind her Kebaya uniform, obtain a personal training certification and spread the joys of a fit and healthy lifestyle through teaching group fitness classes.

When she’s not on the gym floor as a personal trainer, leading a pack at CRU or whipping people into shape in the iconic Barry’s Red Room, you may find her experimenting with new recipes and creating guilt-free versions of her favourite dishes and snacks.

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